Suzuki SmartPlan® gives you flexibility and options when buying your new or demonstrator Suzuki that best suits your aspirations and lifestyle, by tailoring a finance package that best suits you.

Suzuki SmartPlan® has been developed by Suzuki Finance to give you flexibility at the end of your finance contract. When that happens, you can choose to retain, return or trade in your Suzuki based on your lifestyle needs. It’s a smart and flexible way to purchase the Suzuki that’s perfect for you, even as your lifestyle changes.

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It's smart to keep your options open

Everyone’s lifestyle and situation is different. That’s why we give you three different options to choose from when your contract comes to an end: pay off the balance of your finance contract and keep your Suzuki, trade it in or return it to us and use the Guaranteed Future Value.


Keep your Suzuki by paying any amount owing on your finance contract or apply through Suzuki Finance to refinance the amount owing.2


Return your Suzuki to us knowing that the Guaranteed Future Value will be sufficient to repay the amount owing under your finance contract.3

Trade in

Trade in your Suzuki at your preferred Suzuki dealer giving you the chance to step into the latest Suzuki model and continue your journey with us.

How it works

1. Choose your Suzuki

Arrive at the dealership with your 100 points of ID and choose the Suzuki model you want.4

2. Learn your vehicle’s value

Your dealer will let you know what your regular repayments will be and what the Guaranteed Future Value will be.5

3. Decide what happens next

When you get to the end of your loan term, choose whether to keep, return or trade in your Suzuki.

4. Tailor your contract

Select your desired contract term (36 or 48 months) and your estimated annual kilometre allowance (10,000km, 15,000km, 20,000m or 25,000km).

5. Pay a deposit (if you want)

Lower your monthly repayments by making an optional deposit.